Rob Van Deusen

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Rob Van Deusen
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Department: Science
Subjects Taught:CP Chemistry
CP Physics
Years Taught:?-current
Website:MSJ Website

Courses Taught (2011-2012)[edit]

CP Chemistry[edit]

This year (2010-2011), due to many students signing up for chemistry, he teaches all chemistry. Everyday, you are assigned a homework of either reading a section and taking notes, worksheets, pre lab, or writeup. He has a specific format of headings and if you don't follow that format, he will take points off for that. The same goes with the lab writeup format.

Sometimes he will assign you to read the whole chapter and take notes on it, expected to know everything the next day.

As for prelab, he will give you a worksheet that tells you everything you need to know about the lab the next day and tells you to write a prelab out of that. He will stamp the prelab the first thing you come to his class. When doing the lab, you are to not bring anything except a pen and the paper where you wrote your prelab. If you bring anything else, he will give you a 0 for the rest of the members of that group and they will have to make it up at lunch on that day. The same goes with those not here on lab days.

Tests are time limited and when the time's up, he will give you a minute to turn it in.

The notebooks are worth 50 points and are turned in at the end of each quarter. You are required to bring the notebook everyday and keep it up to date and organized. You may never know when he will say "notebook check." The random notebook check are 5 points total.

How to Achieve an A in this Class[edit]

  • Read the textbook and make sure you fully understand because he won't give you lectures.
  • Do not go on the Internet and look up for answers to problem solving questions because that won't help you at all on tests.
  • Keep your notebook/binder up-to-date and organized.
  • Do the football extra credit as much as you can and when you can because it will help you in some way.
  • Bring a erasable white board pen/maker (black or blue) for extra credit. No red because "red is his color."
  • Participate.

CP Physics[edit]

See below.

Courses Taught (2010-2011)[edit]

CP Chemistry[edit]

See above.

Courses Taught (2009-2010)[edit]

CP Chemistry[edit]

See above.

CP Physics[edit]

First day of class. "I'm not going to teach you. I'm just going to give you exorbitant amounts of homework, and that's how you're going to learn." He remained true to his word the entire year. Many students doubt the existence of his physics knowledge, because he would often play physics VHSs with horrendous acting instead of lecturing. When he does lecture, he just tells students to copy his overhead projector slides. Writing headings in compliance with his demanded format seems to be the way to achieve an A. Telling him that you've been to jail before seems to be the way to secure an F.

Idiosyncrasies and Random Facts[edit]

  • You must turn in the homework specifically before the tardy bell rings or get a zero for the assignment. If the assignment is worth a lot of points you may get partial credit for turning it late. One student threw his homework in while the bell was ringing. Van Deusen shut the HW Box the second the bell stopped. Half of the paper was in. Excitedly, the student said "Yes, my homework is in." Van Deusen took a pair of scissors and cut the part of the paper outside the box off, saying "Only half of it is in."
  • He collects tests 4-10 minutes before the bell rings.
  • His father taught at Mission since the day Mission was established.
  • He coaches the football team.
  • He has two sons both graduated from Mission and West Point.
  • He's a graduate of Mission and West Point Military Academy.
  • He's the teacher to go to if you want to attend West Point.
  • He apparently lives in the area, so don't be surprised to see him outside of school.
  • He has an extra credit system where one attends a football game and stays the entire session. Then they must write a report on the topic given and turn it in before the bell the next day.
  • He will not allow you to use a graphing calculator in his class. The only ones allowed are nonprogrammable scientific calculator on tests and quizzes.
  • At the beginning of the year, he will say how he's the type of teacher who will never miss a day of school. Later in the school year, you will see that it's not true since there will be occasional sub in his class.
  • He offers a lot of free points from curving tests, as well as ten extra points each semester just to help your grade.
  • He has been known to make students stand up for the duration of class for dozing off

Notable Quotes[edit]

  • "Have a great day at Mission. Don't get in trouble and stay out of jail." -When students are dismissed from class-
  • "Deal with it."