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Welcome to the 2012-13 school year! Help us fill out the master schedule: [HTML] / editable coming soon.
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At Mission San Jose High School, students are generally under huge amounts of stress to pull off a 5.0 GPA with a 2400 SAT. Missionpedia is here to help you by profiling each teacher at the school and assessing the classes that they teach. Missionpedia is also a great community-powered source of random information and advice about classes that you might want to take in the future, and a big source of information about the other aspects of Mission, like clubs, as well. DISCLAIMER: Missionpedia is in no way affiliated with the staff at Mission San Jose High School nor the staff at the Fremont Unified School District.

Announcements from the Admins

  • 3/1/12 - Happy leap day guys. Missionpedia is looking for new admins, so if you're enthusiastic about how this site is going and prepared to lead it on to continued greatness, drop a message on WikiSysop's talk page.
  • 9/06/11 - So for those of you who were on Missionpedia this afternoon, you may have noticed a little downtime. Well not to worry, Missionpedia has moved once again and is back online.
  • 3/03/11 - Ads are now being run on Missionpedia to help cover hosting costs. Have fun with prereg forms!
  • 1/10/11 - Happy birthday Missionpedia! Two years running smooth as the leading information source for MSJ, kudos to everyone on the admin team!
  • 11/01/10 - Homecoming stuff is up at Homecoming 2010. Also if you are interested, check out Homecoming Themes for a blast to the past.
  • 7/9/10 - Your very own WikiSysop deleted Missionpedia by accident. Fifteen hours and fifteen dollars later, it is now back. Sorry for the downtime guys.
  • 7/2/10 - ctzmsc3 looked in the server files and figured out where the code that hid the page tabs was. Unregistered users should find it easier to edit now.
  • 6/17/10 - Enjoy your summer vacation! Also, the new Article Creator is available to facilitate article creation.
  • 1/10/10 - Wow it was Missionpedia's anniversary and WikiSysop completely forgot, even though there's a huge banner on the main page. Happy birthday Missionpedia!
  • 11/06/09 - Confused about the lockdown? Missionpedia sheds some more light on the situation.

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Upcoming Dates

School Related

  • March 1: MSJHS Open House
  • March 11: Daylight Savings Times begins
  • March 13,14: California High School Exit Exams (10th and 12th grades)
  • March 23: Minimum Day

SAT/ACT Test Dates

  • March 10: SAT
  • April 14: ACT
  • May 5: SAT
  • June 2: SAT
  • June 9: ACT